How Much Does Your In-House Billing System Actually Cost You?


The costs of in-house billing and collections go beyond the payroll and benefit costs of your billing staff.


Consider the following additional costs:

  • training costs of new hires

  • ongoing training to keep up with industry changes

  • applying system updates for new carrier billing requirements

  • maintaining software licensing and system maintenance

  • housing and running of billing software

  • billing supplies - HCFA's, statements, collection letters, letterhead, paper, envelopes, ink cartridges, etc.

  • claim submissions - both electronic and postage

  • space for the billing staff and storage of all billing records

  • billing compliance

  • generating routine and custom reports

In addition, there are many intangible costs of in-house billing. When your billing staff is out, chances are charges are not being submitted, which delays collections. Moreover, staff turnover and other pressing demands of your busy practice cause delays in getting claims out and follow-up on accounts. Finally, there is the hassle factor of managing billing staff - hiring and training, monitoring performance, discipline, coverage for time off, etc.

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IPMS can alleviate this burden, streamline the process and optimize your billing and compensation. Please contact us today to discuss how our billing and collections solutions can benefit you.


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