IPMS offers a wide range of billing and collections services to save you time, money and effort. Below is a list of the services our company has to offer you. Click on each service to learn more.

Billing and Collections Management

IPMS submits electronic claims within 48 hours of receipt of physician charges. We focus on front end billing, assuring complete and accurate submissions. Payer fee schedules for all participating carriers are obtained and pre-entered into our billing system to immediately flag any payment discrepancies (i.e. underpayments, incorrect bundling of codes, etc.). Our client-specific teams of experienced and knowledgeable Medical Reimbursement Specialists provide thorough follow up on all accounts utilizing key IPMS reports, capturing every penny of revenue you're entitled to. The bottom line is that IPMS will turn the services you provide into the reimbursement you deserve, both timely and effectively. Learn more...


IPMS retains a department of Certified Coding Professionals. Our coders are adept at coding, analyzing and auditing of documentation relating to all specialties. Numerous resources, both conventional and technological, are skillfully utilized by the team for code assignment. The result is clean and compliant claims that get quickly turned around by the payers. IPMS offers comprehensive coding, billing and compliance audits based on client needs and preferences. Learn more...

Consultation Services

Medical practices, hospitals and related medical services frequently request IPMS to provide distinct consultations that focus upon business development, enhancement of profitability, areas of operational concern, and reduction of potential risk from third party reimbursement audits. IPMS utilizes our depth of staff expertise and industry experience to effectively scope, execute and deliver highly valued projects, which can immediately result in favorable and tangible outcomes. Learn more...

Financial Management

IPMS provides the financial expertise that is esential to fully support the requirements of operating medical practices. Staffed by professionals including MBA's with extensive experience in medical practice financial management, IPMS delivers services that assure compliance with financial laws and guidelines. When integrated with IPMS's core medical billing services, the outcomes for medical practices include lower operating costs/overhead that results from benefits of heightened communication and information sharing that is the foundation of these key support functions. Learn more...

Human Resources Management

IPMS provides Human Resource services that deliver expertise and tools to assist physicians and practice managers with effective personnel management, benefits administration and HR compliance. Our HR Management experts collaborate closely with practice leaders through an outsourcing model that addresses the broad range of personnel issues that may arise; benefits administration; and precise implementation and execution of government mandated programs. Additionally, IPMS can be engaged for a wide variety of HR consultation projects, e.g. Audit and review of existing HR processes; develop employee handbooks; staff recruitment; selection and implementation of employee benefits plans, etc. Learn more...


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