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Medical practices, hospitals and related medical services frequently request IPMS to provide distinct consultations that focus upon business development, enhancement of profitability, areas of operational concern, and reduction of potential risk from third party reimbursement audits. IPMS utilizes our depth of staff expertise and industry experience to effectively scope, execute and deliver highly valued projects, which can immediately result in favorable and tangible outcomes.

IPMS Consulting Services include the following areas of expertise:

  • Collection Processes and Effectiveness

  • Managed Care Contract Assessment

  • Medical Coding/Compliance

  • Financial Planning/Management

  • Human Resource Support and Management

  • Expert support for medical provider defense against 3rd party “pull-backs”

As government and private payers significantly expand their efforts to seek financial “pull-backs” from medical providers through coding and payment audits, IPMS has been called upon by physicians, attorneys and accountants to defend against these “pull-backs”. Third party coding audits are highly technical. IPMS has successfully assisted clients in significantly reducing or eliminating “pull-backs”. In concert with these efforts, our medical coding audits significantly reduce the risk of third party audit “pull-backs”. Our educational functions have a direct impact upon improving coding processes, assuring that documentation precisely/correctly supports physicians’ coding decisions, and delivers ongoing updates that physicians incorporate into their day-to-day coding-documentation-billing functions to maintain audit risk reduction.

Contact IPMS to discuss specific projects needs and requirements. We will work together with you to accurately define the span and scope of distinct projects and/or services that deliver the information and value that is required in today’s complicated and quickly changing healthcare environment.

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The Senate went on Spring Recess without voting on the bill (H.R. 4851) that includes the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule freeze extension.  The Senate returns on April 12th and a cloture vote is scheduled for 5:30 pm that evening.
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