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We Give Physicians and Practice Managers Peace of Mind

Don’t let the challenges of the healthcare industry slow you down. Complexities around finances, compliance, and constantly changing billing requirements often stifle growth while preventing medical practices from earning the revenue they deserve.

IPMS’s rigorous approach to medical practice management is designed to simplify the revenue cycle experience, enhance communication and transparency, and address the concerns that undermine a physician’s ability to maximize their income. For more than 20 years, we’ve been consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. We adapt to new challenges, rely on our decades of industry experience and expertise, and deliver on what we promise.

We’re committed to getting you paid so you can focus on providing your patients with the best possible care.


Pay My Bill

Pay your doctor or healthcare provider online using our Pay My Bill service. Tap the button below to be redirected to our secure bill payment page. It’s safe, convenient, and free—simply enter your payment information and select your practice from the drop-down menu.
Individual Medical Providers Served
100 +
Billing Procedures Processed per Year
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Minimum Increase in Client's Revenue
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What Solutions Can We Help You With?

We offer healthcare providers a diverse range of services to help them make effective management decisions, improve efficiencies, and optimize revenue. Choose from the options below, or schedule a call with us to get started. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Identify new revenue opportunities while optimizing existing processes. Our services ensure accurate, rapid claims processing. New clients report a revenue growth of at least 5% by making the switch to IPMS.

Coding & Compliance

Streamline your coding process with clean, accurate claims, and utilize our expertise in documentation requirements to ensure compliance.

Consultation Services

Improve business performance. We're available as-needed to assist with a number of projects so you can achieve your business goals.

Financial Management

Make agile business decisions, reduce financial risk, drive profits, and budget with clarity and confidence.

Human Resources Management

Enhance communication, empower employees, and keep administrative operations running smoothly.

Superior Business Solutions For Healthcare Providers Of All Sizes And Specialties

We’ve supported hundreds of healthcare providers, of all sizes and specialties, in achieving their business and financial goals. We pride ourselves on our ability to apply a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges to deliver outstanding service and positive financial outcomes. Give us a call and see how we can help your business.

We’re Always Growing

Since our inception, we’ve enjoyed great success with our clients, earned from our firm commitment to understanding their unique nuances, goals, and challenges and applying services that meet and exceed them. We’ve capitalized on this success by scaling our capabilities, staff, and clients served. Many of our clients operate in the New England region and we continue to expand our range and help physicians succeed from North Carolina, Texas, and beyond. 

Our success also means continually developing the skills, education, and expertise of our staff. We are a team of dedicated, creative, and technology-focused individuals that strive to stay ahead of changing industry trends and deliver outstanding service.