If you’re looking to improve the performance of your medical practice, need temporary or ongoing support, coaching, or education, or need assistance managing complex administrative tasks, we can help. Your business gets access to our team of industry veterans, providing meaningful value, improving operational efficiency, and filling in the gaps where you need it most.

Whether it’s understanding payer audits and forming defensive arguments, providing human resources management support, evaluating business management decisions, reducing days in A/R, or streamlining processes, IPMS is available to support your business as-needed on a wide range of consultation services.

IPMS offers Accounts Receivable project work to convert outstanding accounts receivable balances to cash.

  • Strategize plan of attack to ensure quick resolution of collectable accounts
  • Prioritize workflow utilizing payer filing guideline expertise to maximize collectable balances
  • Identify opportunities for revenue enhancement
  • Share meaningful feedback to avoid future denials

IPMS retains a large department of Certified Coding Professionals (CPC) with several specialized in the designation of Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA). With a deep understanding of all medical specialties, our coders are adept at analyzing and auditing documentation, using conventional and technological resources to produce clean and compliant claims quickly turned around by payers.

Learn more about all of our Coding and Compliance services.

Coding and Defensive Auditing Services

Identify areas of risk or inefficiencies in your business and defend yourself against payer audits. We can provide comprehensive coding auditing services to ensure compliance with healthcare regulatory guidelines while making recommendations for improved coding procedures with an emphasis on consistency, clarity, and correctness.

Our auditors can also help your business defend your claims against documentation on file for any audit made by an insurance carrier.

Temporary Coding and Billing Support

Achieve accurate, efficient coding methodology. IPMS can provide permanent or temporary support to your medical practice as-needed. Our CPCs can assist with diagnoses, procedural and/or quality coding services.

If your medical practice has branched out into a new or complementary line of business–or is considering doing so–IPMS can support your business in a variety of functions. Our team can analyze your practice’s revenues and expenses to determine the venture’s financial profitability and success, before or after the fact, to provide you with the knowledge and data needed to make an informed decision.

Mergers and acquisitions can be among the most stressful and challenging events for a medical practice and its team to experience. IPMS can support your business in a variety of capacities to alleviate the process and ensure systems and procedures across all business lines smoothly transition. We can assist with information gathering and analysis, and logistical measures for billing, accounting, and HR procedures and more.

Human Resources Management servicesIPMS can provide consultation services and support your business on a wide variety of human resources-related challenges. From developing internal communications materials and handbooks to making recommendations on employee benefits packages and everything in between, we can help your medical practice maximize operational efficiency and reduce overhead costs.

Learn more about all of our Human Resources Management services.

Staff Recruitment

Find the right candidates for the job. Our HR team can assist with recruitment of healthcare professionals ranging from front-desk staff and practice managers to medical assistants and providers.

Workplace Investigations, Counseling, and Mediation

Streamline workplace investigations without sacrificing accuracy or integrity. We can serve as an independent, unbiased third-party, or work with you to gather relevant information and evidence.

Employee Handbooks

Build a positive, collaborative, and efficient workplace culture. We can develop and update employee handbooks that serve as vital tools for your employees, informs them of workplace policies and procedures, and educates them about their benefits.

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