Human Resources Management (HRM) is a pillar of any medical practice’s business strategy. At IPMS, we deliver comprehensive HRM services to give physicians and practice managers a competitive edge.

We approach all businesses, large or small, with a holistic HRM strategy that helps businesses cultivate their most valuable resource–their workforce. By leveraging decades of industry expertise and trusted tools, our HRM services optimize employee effectiveness and maximize productivity. Through an efficient outsourcing model, our dedicated human resource experts can collaborate, coach, and guide your staff over multiple channels. Consider them an extension of your team.

5 Core Competencies of HRIPMS provides a diverse range of HRM services that serve to improve your business’s operations and  employee effectiveness, and accomplish company goals. Our dedicated human resource managers strictly adhere to the five core competencies of HRM, so that no matter the size of your business, we continually and consistently provide value.

  • Identify, evaluate, and recruit new talent to fulfill business needs
  • Ensure compliance is maintained
  • Develop measures that enhance internal communications and drive cooperation
  • Craft comprehensive and effective HR policies that meet your business’s unique and specific needs
  • Organize, track, and update employee records conveniently and meticulously
  • Negotiate salaries, compensation, and benefits strategically
  • Process payroll rapidly and accurately
  • Strictly adhere to ethical hiring practices

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee benefits are one of the most expensive costs behind payroll. Our human resource managers provide a full-service, competitive benefits package solution that finds the balance between value, attractiveness, and cost.

  • Develop a robust and competitive benefits package including Health, Dental, Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Educate and enroll employees efficiently and effectively
  • Negotiate with brokers and insurers on your behalf
  • Manage Workers Compensation, Malpractice, and Property and Casualty claims
  • Assess market benefits and provide reports annually
  • Audit insurance invoices monthly
  • Address and satisfy the needs of your employees in meaningful ways

There are a number of employee benefits programs medical practices and other businesses are required by federal and state laws to provide. IPMS can help you understand and navigate the often confusing and complex world of government mandated benefits while ensuring compliance is met and benefits are effectively administered.

  • Facilitate, manage, and consult on a number of government mandated employee benefits programs
  • Ensure the rapid and accurate reporting of vital employee information as needed

If you have a human resources-related challenge that needs to be solved, IPMS can provide support on a wide variety of consultative projects. Our team of experts can work with you to develop employee handbooks authentic to your business, make recommendations on benefits packages, assist in staff recruitment, audit existing HRM processes, and much more.

  • Collaborate, coach, and guide your employees to develop comprehensive human resources policies and achieve your goals
  • Provide management training, mentoring, materials, and support for Practice Managers
  • Assist with grievance mediation processes and employee counseling
  • Ensure government and regulatory compliances are met and current
  • Leverage decades of industry expertise to assist with confidential and/or legal issues
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