Medical Coding, Compliance, and Auditing Services

Part of IPMS’ mission is to help medical practices provide safe and exceptional care to their patients. And part of a healthcare organization’s obligation to deliver great care is to ensure compliance with industry standards, regulations, and laws at both the federal and state level.

We strive to provide added value to our clients through the experience of our dedicated Compliance Officer and our continuing education and training programs to help medical practices retain compliancy and provide better care to their patients.

This goal is integrated with all facets of client engagements: our Account Managers, certified coding specialists, and team members all take responsibility in supporting you to achieve and maintain compliance.

Accurate and efficient medical coding is crucial to your healthcare organization’s ability to meet financial and compliance goals. We stress the importance of these services because they have a direct impact on improving the net collections from revenue cycle management, while also significantly reducing the risk from third-party audits.

Our team of certified coding professionals leverage conventional resources and tools to adeptly analyze and audit documentation and are knowledgeable in all medical specialties. The results are clean and compliant claims that are quickly turned around by the payers.

  • Utilize experienced coding specialists with ICD-10 expertise and specific knowledge about your business’s specialties
  • Assure through a review of documentation that all revenue opportunities are identified and billed
  • Reduce risk of revenue shortfalls, repeated denials, and compliance issues
  • Utilize a comprehensive coding process tailored to your practice’s unique and specific needs
  • Improve coding accuracy and efficiency while optimizing revenue

Healthcare compliance claims and third-party audits are a reality of the ever-changing dynamics of the healthcare industry. IPMS is equipped to help medical practices meet this challenge by supplying them a rigorous and effective compliance program designed to meet all areas of relevant regulation and tailored to the unique and specific needs of your business. We can also work with your staff to provide education materials and training programs so proper procedures are followed and expectations are met.

  • Safeguard patient information assuring that the right information is only accessible to the right audience
  • Ensure compliance with facets of OIG, HIPAA and other healthcare regulatory areas
  • Protect your ePHI with proven administrative, physical, and technical safeguards
  • Protect your medical practice from revenue loss, fines, and violations
  • Develop a culture of security and privacy in your practice while improving communication and information-sharing
  • Assist with Quality initiatives

For a provider of healthcare services, payer audits are always a possibility. Our auditors are dual certified–with CPC credentials from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and CPMA auditing credentials from the National Alliance of Medical Accreditation Services (NAMAS).

IPMS can provide a range of comprehensive internal auditing services for your medical practice:

Risk Assessment

  • Identify weak and vulnerable areas before they become a problem
  • Protect against fraudulent claims, outliers, undercoding, and inappropriate billing and documentation procedures
  • Evaluate compliance risk in your medical practice’s coding and billing procedures
  • Assure your documentation supports billing and is compliant with government guidelines
  • Provide education, consultation, reports, and recommendations for effective improvement
  • Utilize industry standard auditing techniques and templates

Audit Support

  • Provide RAC or other Payer Audit support and assistance
  • Help you understand what types of audits exist, develop a proactive mindset, avoid common errors, and ensure the best possible results
  • Identify reimbursement deficiencies
  • Evaluate and defend against RAC audits and more
  • Provide meaningful follow-up recommendations based upon outcomes
  • Navigate and simplify the auditing process
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