Last 90-day MIPS Performance Period starts October 3rd

MIPS Notice:

Last 90-day MIPS Performance Period starts October 3rd

for Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities 

MIPS eligible clinicians and groups must earn 60 MIPS points this year to avoid a penalty.

To reach this threshold, you may need to report Promoting Interoperability (PI) and/or Improvement Activities (IA), in addition to Quality.

Promoting Interoperability

  • Is your EHR 2015 certified? Check your certification status here.
  • Run a trial report in your EHR of the 2021 PI measures. View the 2021 measures here

If your EHR is unable to run these reports, consider applying for a  PI Hardship Exemption .

Improvement Activities

  • Choose the Improvement Activities you will attest to this year
  • If you have not started any Improvement Activities for 2021, you must start them by October 3, 2021 to fulfill the continuous 90-day activity period requirement
  • If reporting as group, at least 50% of the providers in the group must have performed the activities you are attesting to.

For further MIPS Reporting information go to:

For more information and application instructions for the Phase 3 General Distribution of Provider Relief Fund go to